HyMeTeK – global leading of bio fermentation

What is HyMeTek? Literally speaking, it is the TEChnique producing HYdrogen and MEthane via anerobic reaction. It was developed by Green Energy Development Center, Feng Chia University, an APEC research center for advanced biohydrogen technology. HyMeTek has a lot of advantages; the most noteworthy matter is its hydrogen generation. Hydrogen is regarded as the clean energy source because of its “only” product – water vapor after energy conversion, which makes it as the trending development as fuels in replace of traditional energy all over the world. Tokyo, Japan, even announced the “Hydrogen City of Olympics” project.

HyMeTek makes the use of two-stage biomass methanogenesis (biogas) requiring only 3-15 days featured by efficiency and high speed, in comparison of general bio-catalyst reaction requiring 45 days. The sucrose-based hydrogen production rate is 360 L/L/d, which is 12 times higher than the international standard. The starch-based hydrogen production rate is 48 L/L/d, which is 8 times higher than the international standard. Until now, the hydrogen production rate of Hymetek is leading the world and has not been surpassed in 13 years. Some international journals had a good evaluation on it, the most practical and commercial potential technology.

HyMeTek has a lot of advantage, 1) high organic load (a loading rate is 5 to 17.5 kg/m3-day); 2) high efficiency; 3) flexibility and high yield.
Compared with one-stage fermentation, it is able to increase a gas production by 40% with a same amount of biomass.


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