When you are in a blackout world…

Imagine you are in a blackout world alone! What will you do? 
You might feel boring because you have troubles with many 
things. Probably, you wouldn’t mind to have a bottle of whiskey
and have a deep sleep. But what if you can do more with a bottle
of whiskey. 

Yes, believe your eyes!
You can do more if you have our generators. The following video is a powerful demonstration of our generator from start to finish. It is running solely on whisky, an alcohol with a purity of about 40 percent, our generator is compatible with any alcohol with purity levels above 40 percent, which includes most whiskeys.

And if you enjoy your whiskey, you might
have already figured out the brand of
whiskey used in the video, but the brand is irrelevant, our generator can function perfectly with any alcohol as long as the purity is 40% or higher, our generators can run on multiple different fuels, natural gas, raw biogas, hythane, biomethane(RNG),
liquefied petroleum gas, ethanol, 
biodiesel, butanol…etc.


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